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Thomas Matzke

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The raised funds are used solely to further education or building its own Web-based IT platform (Crowdfinancing-Portal) by microseeds24. At the start of the offer also more promising Start-Ups are presented by microseeds24 (minimum investment for investors: EUR 250)-first information about the companies and their business approaches will be presented from 10.10.2013 under. The registration of projects in the field of Crowdfunding (minimum amount for sponsors: EUR 10) as well as by interested Start-Up-and growth companies in the area of Crowdinvesting is possible with microseeds24 now. Also can register, potential, interested sponsors and investors for the service now at or legitimate. Profito consulting profito consulting UG (haftungsbeschrankt) – currently in legal form conversion to a limited liability company – from Sankt Augustin near Bonn is under the leadership of Mr. Drew Houston brings even more insight to the discussion.

Dipl. kfm. Thomas Matzke (VITA or profile/Thomas_Matzke), an experienced experts in the field of banking, broking, capital markets and finance, is a national and international consulting firm with a focus on start-up advice of existence of active coaching for growth companies, corporate succession, funding advice, E-Commerce/E-business and international business (for example, international companies),. The company has many qualified national and international network partners in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, capital markets/Legals, PR/communications, investor relations, fairs/events, social media, as well as financial and capital market. About microseeds24 microseeds24 is a geared specifically to the business unit Crowdfinancing, legally independent services of profito consulting UG (haftungsbeschrankt) in the form of a UG (haftungsbeschrankt). At the start of the range the company itself, as well as some promising Start-Ups are offered interested, risk-conscious private investors or investors to the Crowdinvesting. In the future, a regular and extended project and company offered the market will be presented via the provided Crowdfinancing portal. Press contact profito consulting UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Dipl. kfm. Thomas Matzke Alte Bonner Strasse 1 f 53757 Sankt Augustin Tel./fax: + 49 (0) 3212 1174139 email: Web:

The Moodle

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Normally this technique involves very the participants and the speed with that the contributions happen is surprising, demanding a intent accompaniment very on the part of the professor. (MASETTO, 2010) c) Blogs – Lists of Quarrel Its objective is to make a quarrel that advances the knowledge, the information or experiences, stop beyond the somatria of opinions, in such a way that the product of this work is quantitatively superior to the original ideas. If it does not deal with a situation of questions and answers between the participants and the professor, but yes of a continuous reflection, one has debated based of ideas with interventions of the professor in order to stimulate the progress of this reflection and, as member of the group, also to bring contributions, without never closing the subject. (MASETTO, 2010) d) email Thinking about the process of learning and the interaction between pupil and professor for the guiding of this process, the resource of the e-mail is presented very strong, in virtue of some factors as: the facilitation of meeting between pupil and professor, the multiplication of these meeting between a lesson and another one, the sustentation most concrete of the continuity of the learning process and the attendance to an orientation order.

One becomes important for the learning of the pupils it places because them in immediate contact, favoring interaprendizagem, the exchange of materials and the production of texts in set. (MASETTO, 2010) e) Surrounding Virtual of Education and Learning: Moodle the Moodle platform is one ‘ ‘ Environment Colaborativo de Aprendizagem’ ‘ whose concept evokes the place in which the learning occurs. It involves a context ampler than purely the technology use, since it makes possible that actions are shared with which all the participants act simultaneously as professor-pupils (SANTANA apud FRANCIOSI, 2003). The Moodle, beyond being one of the best and more used virtual platforms of learning, has as it has detached its tools of communication, creation and administration of learning components, having been able to be lowered, to be used and/or to be modified by any individual in the whole world and of ample didactic concepts, contributing not only for the EAD as well as to actual education.

Education on the Internet

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

These ads on the Internet very much. But as a huge number of firms can choose the one that will write your thesis qualitatively or coursework? Order thesis – is an act of a man who either because of lack of time or for some other reason wants to get a thesis not applying to this special effort, in addition to financial costs. /a>. Degree work – it is work, human labor, which all make differently. Under most conditions Drew Houston would agree. Order for a student thesis – this is quite a serious step, since the thesis, which he will write, will be tested by his supervisor and the teacher will make a particular impression. Qualitative thesis involves one main thing, namely, the right choice of who will undertake it. This is the main key to a successful order. A successful thesis writing – it is a choice, which can not be hurry, but, usually, when required, time is extremely small.

One of the options when choosing a performer – a recommendation of acquaintances who have had experience ordering diplomas. They can tell who to ask is, to obtain high-quality writing work. As it is trite, but a good recommendation of friends can help you solve the problem of correct choice in order to write the thesis. Can apply for a search Executive to the search engines of Google or Yandex, with pay special attention to registration of the company's site. A major organization has the appropriate site and did not stump for a couple of sheets. Referring to the choice of Executive ask the organization to search for claims on the Internet, but finding any study them seriously, often use some black scheme 'sinking' competitors. Ordering execution thesis, be careful!

The Law Of Attraction

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

What is the law of attraction? It is one of the main universal laws governing the order in every moment of our lives in a conscious or unconscious, no matter who you are or where you are part of the world, this law always works in every moment of our lives and in all things that happen to you and shapes the creation of our lives through our thoughts. Charles Haanel in his book tells us that the law of attraction is the largest and most infallible law of the whole system depends. But to respect the law, thus creating our lives through thoughts?, Just what you think is what you attract into your life, stop a moment and think "that focuses your mind now, joy or sadness?, "wealth or poverty? Serenity "or chaos? Soon you can take a tour of your reality, how do you live?, What are you?, What and who you are? safe and you will realize that what I explain the law of attraction applies to what you live now, and is the result of your thoughts and therefore what you are creating and what you will manifest in your life constantly. You are solely responsible for what you get in your life right now, but many people say, how can I be responsible for being sick or poor?, And if, you are no one is more responsible than you, this does not mean you've consciously drawn simply the law of attraction does know or not know the difference is to apply properly for our benefit. In reality the universe or God as you want to call does not understand thoughts, understands the vibrations transmitted emotionally with our thoughts.

For example, if every time your mind is focused on the scarcity of either money, happiness, love, your emotions transmit energy to attract more of that into your life. The law of attraction is not opinion, if something is good or bad simply draws what is in your inner world and in turn what your vibrations are emitting. This Act is very old, indeed, some apply it properly without knowing and not knowing how to express what they want but they do naturally. When the movie came out very large boomed, thanks to that now many people have learned to and studied in depth, so if I would tell them is that many people have misunderstood the content you teach, such as why we recommend that think what we want and many people assume that just thinking repetitively get what they want, this is a great way to attract what we want or desire in our lives, but must be combined in other things, such as to action, not weight come down thinking or imagining that you exercise all day, but if that will help you in your life to manifest the best options for you towards your desire to lose weight, the gym right or proper diet, or the invitation to participate in an activity that you really like, if you do not put action to the obvious opportunities to achieve your desire, then do not truly fulfilled. This is the idea that many people perceive when watch the movie The Secret, it still does not mean it's wrong is great! because it is a portal that gives us the knowledge to the ability of our inner power and our thoughts. Gain insight and clarity with David Green. If you learn to apply the law of attraction will help you properly, love right, live a happier life, abundant and balanced in all aspects of your life.

Professional Tax Law Allows An Optimized Tax Structuring

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy informed individuals from Mannheim, but also large companies are among the clients of the tax consultant. No wonder, because looking through otherwise hardly anyone in the Steuerdschungel. He cares about all tax issues and business issues of his clients. It creates tax returns and financial statements, takes over the preparation of the financial statements, controls tax assessments, and provides assistance in record-keeping. A client in litigation with the IRS is involved, he can count also on the support of his tax advisor. Because, that taxes must be removed, although nothing can do an accountant, but he can much to contribute, you pay too much, but receives a tax structuring for own benefit.

About the accountant informs grainy from Mannheim. Regulations a hold and at the same time benefits to pay taxes is one of the annoying obligations. This can be with a tax adviser However remove and positive fashion. A comprehensive tax advice informs the client intensively in all areas. Important decisions in the private or business sector must be well-planned and that have a solid basis. A tax advice drawn up not only the data, but plans and designed the current and future possibilities for optimising tax actively and individually.

So that the statutory provisions are being respected and at the same time be used to the advantage of the client. How it works, knows an experienced tax consultant and may propose to the client recommended control designs. For details of tax advisers is grainy from Mannheim at any time available. Press contact Steuerberater Jurgen Dieter grainy o 4, 5, 68161 Mannheim Tel 0621 10069 fax. Connect with other leaders such as Dropbox here. 0621 13358 Email: Homepage:

House Administration Gamdhi

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen informs a professional estate management is an essential item if you rented real estate. It serves the smooth settlement of numerous tasks, the both the technical as well as commercial management involves. In addition to these tasks, a property management offers also a Concierge service, which ensures a total clean and inviting real estate. What this service does, explains the House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen. All-round service ensures value retention and perfectly tutored owners and tenants an object management not only means that care is taken for the financial and legal interests. So the object in a functional and appealing State and is interesting both for owners and tenants, tasks relating to the real estate must be applied. Following tasks are carried out by a janitor service: – regular inspection of real estate – monitoring the functions of technical facilities -. Monitoring of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation – instigation of repair and maintenance work, if errors detected – appointments and monitoring the maintenance companies – ensuring that the rules of the House – maintained emergency service at pipe breaks, etc. The grounds also include the real estate and should make a clean impression. To ensure this, perform following tasks at regular intervals:-lawn mower / scarifier – pruning hedges or shrubs – removal of filth – notification of damage – clean removal of leaf – removal of green waste – irrigation services – snow and sprinkle after rule – clearance of access roads and parking areas for detailed information available the House Administration Gamdhi pouring out at any time.

Access Condominiums

Monday, May 8th, 2017

The public security would have to be a duty of the State, however, as knows e? we are informed the entire time for periodicals? the demand of crimes is very high in relation to a control of polices, nor always the time is enough it polices so that it can act. Therefore, some prevention can be made in condominiums to keep the safe families and tranquilas. Doormans must be intent and to know all the inhabitants is essential. To prevent to give information on the routine of the mulberry ones for who wants that it is, not to sleep during its expedient, not to be in the sidewalk of the side of it are washing the street or talking it would carry leaving it forsaken. It must be clearly that rendering of services they only can enter in the condominium by means of advance warning of inhabitants or I investigate of it and in predetermined schedules, in case that in contrast, its ticket must be barred.

How much to the inhabitants, they do not have to deliver keys of the apartment or vehicles to the employees of the building, to get references of house servants of confidence, to always keep the door of the locked apartment, when the mulberry one will be to travel is indicated that it informs I investigate to and I forbid it the entrance of strangers in its property. To be educated and always friendly with the picture of employees of the condominium also it collaborates. He is in the responsibility and I investigate and/or Caretaker, to always keep the addresses of brought up to date employees, to install and to make the basic equipment maintenance of security, to establish codes with inhabitants in case that these desire to inform that they are being hostages of the action of delinquents, not to allow that entregadores are they of food or other merchandises has access to the apartment, the inhabitant must go until the reception to remove the delivery. Moreover, he fits to the syndics to set in motion polices it in action case suspicion. Beyond the contribution between inhabitants and employees of a condominium, it is necessary that he has good equipment of security. Between the basic item they are: cameras of monitoring, intercoms, alarms, boxes with doors for orders, you cancel for the estacionamentos, locks and gates of good quality, buttons of emergency in strategical places for contact with police, walls with you surround electric and cabin for doormans of good quality. Beyond these equipment, it is recommendable that the green areas are in visible places and that the illumination is always perfect.

Real Australian Air Force

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Also it possesss a modern edge computer for the shot control, liquid crystal screens colored and one head-up display (HUD) of ample visual field. Its engine is the turbo-fan GE American F404, produced under license for the Volvo, that increased its push in 10%. The 39 JAS Gripen reaches up to 2.126 km/h.O Gripen NG concurs in the licitation of the Air Force Super supersonic Brasileira.Caa F/A-18EF HornetO Super Boeing F/A-18EF Hornet is a supersonic aircraft of aerial interception and ground attack. F/A-18E and F/A-18F are bigger and more advanced than its predecessor the F/A-18 Hornet. The Super Hornet entered in service in the United States in 1999, and had substituted the F-14 Tomcat in 2006 and will have to serve in set with the originals Hornets F/A-18C (if they keep operational but with a gradual substitution for the Super Hornets). In 2007, the Real Australian Air Force bought 24 Super Hornets for substitution of the old F-111.A great advantage of this fighter aircraft, it is the fact of it to be being used largamento in operations of war in countries as the Afeganisto and Iraq, and to demonstrate its efficiency and its effectiveness in the practical one. After many years finally the Brazilian Air Force it decided to choose the supersonic airplane single-engine Gripen NG, considered for specialists in very inferior aviation to the others technical two competitors: The supersonic airplane Rafale and Super superdnico airplane F/A-18EF Hornet, without a doubt one of the best ones of the world in action. The result as informs the periodical Leaf of So Paulo tends to generate constaints in the government and more delays for the decision on the project when opposing the evaluation technique of the Aeronautics to the preference politics of president Lula and the area diplomatics for the Frenchmen.

The decision pr-Rafale arrived to be announced in official note, in September for the federal government. But later the government negative repercussion in the BAF and between competitors withdrew after. Although and Palace of Plateaus can ignore the report and opt to the purchase of the supersonic airplane Rafale or dislike France and opt to Gripen NG the Brazilian Air Force already took its decision that was to choose the Swedish airplane of the Saab. However, formal, Squid can choose any one of the three, but it will not make it. In accordance with the news article of the Leaf of So Paulo, ' ' summary executivo' ' of the report of the BAF, with the final conclusions of more than the 30 a thousand pages of data, it pointed the financial factor as decisive with respect to the classification of the Swedish hunting: Gripen NG, even for being single-engine and still in phase of project (if it bases on the current Gripen, an inferior version in performance), and is cheapest of the three final competitors. The decision of president Lula will be very difficult. If it to decide for the winner of the licitation the supersonic hunting Gripen GN will be disliking in full French president Nicolas Sarkozy, its friend as well as to the Americans. The problem with the Frenchmen is more complex because proper president Lula already had announced that she would buy the French huntings Rafale manufactured for the Dassault multinational, that as information of the French press would be almost declared insolvent.

Memory Card Support

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Finally, e50 expected without a hardware keyboard, but with a 1.3 megapixel camera. We have already talked about models e60 and e61. Follow others, such as Business strategist, and add to your knowledge base. Today hero of our story will be the older model e70. On the one hand, the presence of an alphabetic keyboard is quite powerful for camera phones, as well as support for all modern technologies promise to deliver this unit in a series top models. On the other hand, how well all this is done, how stably a smartphone, and in general – whether they are comfortable to use? Let's try to figure it out thoroughly. Appearance in contrast to his brother e61, which is due to its monstrous size might scare some of the buyers, Nokia e70 looks like the average cell phone, but the thickness of the shell in half to two times more than usual.

But this surprising, because the inside is a hardware keyboard. If your smartphone is in the folded position, the top is a button on and the main speaker, underneath the screen, function keys and a joystick, and finally numeric keypad, complete with the login button in the main menu, delete characters, and quick-change input language. In short, everything is quite standard. On the left side of the building there is a voice recorder button, if pressed briefly which the recording is an audio file of no more than a minute through an external microphone. Over a long press is voice dialing. This button is very easy to accidentally depression, but does not block it, so gradually in the device collects a large amount of 'random' sounds. Main technical characteristics of Nokia e70: Support networks – egsm 900, gsm 1800, gsm 1900 and wcdma (3GPP Release 4) Data Transfer – egprs (Class B, msc 10), gprs Multislot Class 10, wlan 802.11g, 802.11e and 802.11i, Bluetooth 2.0, wap 2.0, ir port Operating System – Symbian 9.1 Support for Java – midp 2.0 Built-in memory – 65 mb Memory Card Support – miniSD Battery – Li-Ion 1150 mAh Display – 352×416 pixels, 16 million colors Size – 117 x 53 x 22 mm Weight – 127 g

Voluntarily Legally Insured Persons

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, pay high contributions since January 2009, stakeholders can expect with a retroactive contribution refund hundreds of thousands of self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, pay to high posts at least according to the Hessen social Court and the Sozialgerichts Munich since January 2009. Recently MSCO sought to clarify these questions. If their legal opinion prevails, many of those affected can expect a retroactive contribution refund. She can be several hundred dollars per month since beginning of 2009! If the Supreme social, join the decision of the Munich Sozialgerichts, zig self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, could hope to a true windfall. Because, according to the Court, they would have to pay only the minimum of about 285 euros per month. Many self-employed persons have paid more but significantly. And they could reclaim this power if just the Bundessozialgericht is join the Munich social Court. Background this is the introduction of the health fund as of 1 January 2009. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dropbox offers on the topic.. Until then individual health insurance companies had regulated each for themselves in their constitutions, which are contributions if voluntarily insured.

Now, however, the peak Association of statutory health insurance was supposed to meet according to the will of the legislator’s Office uniform rules. This requirement is complied with the so-called post procedural principles of self-financing”and then virtually all income of the insured person are income from capital contributions as well as collecting deposits and withdrawals from private (!) Life and pension insurance. The legislature itself has also regulated the minimum amount of insurance revenue. Currently always is 1.916,25 euros per month, which follows a minimum contribution of approximately 285 euro – plus at least 37 Euro care insurance premium for full-time independent. Only the minimum amount to pay? Both provisions contained before the statutes of the health insurance companies. So why should the voluntarily insured have paid well too much? “The highlight is that the effectiveness of the post procedural principles of self-financing” is more and more drawn into doubt.

The Sozialgericht Munich known simply as ineffective, why the health insurance of voluntary members should request only the statutory minimum contribution (judgment of March 2, 2010, AZ.) S 19 KR 873/09). “Justified is this, that the self-financing post procedural principles” are been decided only by the hardly democratically legitimized Board of the statutory health insurance tips Association. A decision by the Board of Directors as a self-governing body was however necessary, which would have required also an approval by the supervisory authority. The Hessian State social Court reasons along similar lines (decision of February 21, 2011, AZ.) L 1 KR 327/10B HE). And the result of this reasoning is: nearly all self-employed who paid higher contributions than the minimum pay currently too high Posts! “But: A whole range of other social courts considered the contribution procedure principles of self-financing” quite as effective. Therefore a court clarification of the legal situation by the Bundessozial – or the Federal Constitutional Court will be required, and she can experience several years waiting. “It is certainly not to exclude that the post procedure principles of self-financing” actually be tipped. All voluntarily insured, who pay a higher contribution than the minimum contribution should opposition against upcoming post notices. Also a request for retroactive recalculation of health insurance contributions it is possible for health insurance since January 2009. In both cases, you should rely on (in detail yet contributor-friendly) judgment of the Sozialgerichts of Munich. Should be approved given the still not welcome clarified legal position an own abeyance, not even before the Sozialgericht to draw.

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