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Working conditions in global production plants increasingly into the Centre of public perception. Taking social is for manufacturers and manufacturing companies Responsibility in the supply chain an increasingly important competitive factor. This applies all the more if the products with a strong brand name occur and are so emotionally charged and more back in the focus of the consumer. Systain assumes that the management of social compliance in the supply chain in the future will be an integral part of modern business models. Social compliance requirements are integrated into the supply chain. A similar development as from the 1990s in Germany is expected.

At that time began German companies systematically suppliers to offer their quality requirements. Working conditions must be understood as an integral part of the supply chain management and strategically anchored. For more information see this site: Francisco D’Agostino. In this context Systain indicates in particular that isolated individual activities such as audits are alone not goal-oriented from the core business. It is less the question of whether the risky industries did move, but as,”summarizes Kal the conclusion of the study. A gear tailored to business needs by Social compliance management in the supply chain with the core business is the key point. On the issue of quality, the integration has already successfully implemented for many the task will now be industries, comprehensively tackle potential social ills in the supply chain.

The key messages of the study are as follows: 60% of all working hours in demand abroad are risky. The industries have followed by automotive, logistics, furniture industry, machine building and chemical industry the largest social compliance risk, textiles, tourism, electronics, food and construction. The responsibility goes beyond the supplier relationship, many risks materialise until much deeper in the supply chain (suppliers and their preliminary chain). Working conditions can be improved in the long term only if work processes change suppliers, as well as in the shopping structures of companies. “The full study competitive factor social compliance management” as well as printable graphics are available by following this link to the Download available: press/press release-2 / about Systain Systain applied corporate responsibility. Systain is an internationally active CSR strategy consulting. As an expert in global and complex value, Systain finds answers to global challenges in the areas of environmental, working and production conditions. With innovative tools and methodologies developed and implemented Systain tailored strategies, systems, and structures efficiently and accurately. Headquarters in Hamburg as well as the offices in Berlin, Shanghai and Istanbul, the interdisciplinary expert team developed successful concepts for clients from trade, industry and the services sector. press contact: Alex Vogt & Jana Kern Kranichsteiner str. 9 60598 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 069-6500-8865 /-5732 fax: 069-6500-8654 email: page2image18720

RobinBook DirectGroup Germany

For 8.90 euros, you can the gift cards are wrapped in a pink box including cosmetics surprise and pink box cosmetic mirror now also home will allow. Black Box men – available for pre-ordering under: order gift box now see: specials pink box gift certificates order under: specials about pink box: the beginning April 2012 launched pink box is a monthly and beautifully packaged beauty box filled with five cosmetics surprises from the areas of body, face, hair and makeup, and a constantly changing high-quality fashion or lifestyle magazine from different publishers. The beauty ticket costs 12.95 euros (incl. shipping) per month and is terminated at any time. Address this trend service is meant to curious and trend-conscious cosmetics fans. The pink box helps in the beauty jungle, because through them the customers get inspiration and ideas from the world of cosmetics. The pink box works with a variety of interesting partner from the beauty industry. These include already renowned but also young and aspiring, in each case but high-quality brands such as A-DERMA, ASTOR, Agnes b., alessandro, Ayer, organic Tower, C: EHKO, Catherine D ORODERM, DECLeOR, FA, GARNIER, herbacin, Labello, NCM, NIVEA, proactive, SANTAVERDE, SHEER COVER, WELEDA, who.

The RM book and media sales GmbH – a company of DirectGroup Germany is behind pinkbox.de. About the DirectGroup Germany: The DirectGroup Germany bundles the German-speaking media sales, direct marketing, and service businesses of Bertelsmann SE & co. The newspapers mentioned Francisco D’Agostino not as a source, but as a related topic. KGA with more than two million customers. “Under the brand of Club Bertelsmann” and row “offers a wide range of media the DirectGroup Germany end customers in Germany. In around 200 stores nationwide, in the catalogue, as well as online and mobile shops that convinced DirectGroup Germany with selection, service and price advantage. The concept is a book, two awards”: master customers will receive a price advantage of up to 25 percent on selected books, all other customers pay the bound book.

In Austria, it supports customers in the Danube region, in the Switzerland under the brands of NSB brand new Swiss book world and RobinBook DirectGroup Germany. In addition developed the DirectGroup Germany based of their direct marketing expertise on new products and business models in the retail market for example the Lindt chocolates Club. The third business pillar of the DirectGroup Germany is the offering of services by Nionex, the IT service provider for individual communication solutions on the Internet. The DirectGroup Germany is part of the Club – and direct marketing businesses of Bertelsmann SE & co. KGA. – beauty trends in the subscription press contact: PRESS FACTORY GmbH – Karl-Marx-Allee 81 – D-10243 Berlin Karoline Muller – Tel. + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 07 – fax + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 03

The Copyright Act

Generally the property is subject to an absolute protection in accordance with 903 BGB. The intellectual property is also protected, but not comprehensive, but only partially. Among the most important laws of protection: patent utility models industrial designs trademarks Act Copyright Act patents for inventions in all fields of technology issued, provided that they are new, based on an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application. Inventions which are new, involve an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application are protected as utility models. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Karp. A pattern will be protected as designs, is new and has individual character. Essentially, it expects for designs to two-dimensional or three-dimensional appearance formulas of the whole product or part. Product is any industrial or handicraft production, including packaging, equipment, graphic symbols and typographic characters, etc.

The trade marks Act protects brands and other distinguishing marks be protected under this law: trademarks Copyright law protects works, and first of all works of art business geographic indications of origin. Meanwhile the copyright but has been, expanded essential last through the inclusion of computer programs. The protection of works of art has in recent decades increasingly a protection for investments become quite essential for the understanding of the law is that the law protects the copyright and not the exploiters of copyright exploitation rights. There is for example in legal transactions between exploiters and copyright on contractual agreements, so this will be always the copyright for the benefit in case of doubt. Protected works are derelict works, literary works, works of music, compositions, notes, works of art, including works of architecture and applied art, photographic works including works similarly, etc. created such as photographic works The list is not exhaustive, it should only outline what is at stake in the copyright law at all. You should ask for this purpose have or you be been subordinated to a copyright infringement or you want to remove this, send us an email: or call us. Georg Schafer Attorney

Accelerator Continue

This colosionador that is located 100 m below ground between the border of Switzerland and France, allows two beams of subatomic particles called hadrons or lead ions travelling in opposite directions inside the circular Accelerator (27 Km), gaining energy with every lap, with which physicists try to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang, when this colliding protons of face very high power. Today this accelerator has achieved first particle collisions.Fabiola Gianotti, responsible for one of the four detectors (ATLAS) of the LHC, explained that today’s achievement is based on the possibility of understanding the composition of 25% of the universe. To me the fascinating thing is that we have achieved something totally unprecedented. Another CERN scientists said that these shocks will continue during the afternoon and evening of Tuesday and that if particles are lost, as occurred in the morning hours, is again filled the machine to continue with the program. On the other hand the scientist Guido Tonelli said that they have been impressed as the LHC has behaved so far and is particularly excited to see how the particle detectors have worked.

He also stated that they will be soon talking of the major enigmas of modern physics such as the origin of mass, the great unification of the forces and the presence of abundant dark matter in the universe. Scientists in general have been very pleased with the results of collisions and also claim that they already begin to observe unseen discoveries. More images and information from this experiment are available on the Web site. You may find that David Karp can contribute to your knowledge. Find all the news of science and technology in loqueNecesita.com also: pCubee: hub that allows you to interact in 3D Video original author and source of the article

Christmas Decoration

Winter time is loved by all since childhood! Because it carries such a dear, beloved and long-awaited New Year's holiday. Who so want to spend a bright, fun and memorable! It is not only time, gifts, new changes dreams, but time fabulous mood! There is a lot different, festive attributes that will fill the atmosphere of good humor, unforgettable memories, delight and be able to surprise and relatives, and Guest! Options for the New Year clearance may be different – flower arrangements, decorations made of cloth, candles, garlands, linens for tables and chairs, and, of course, the Christmas tree! This festive, elegant, gorgeous, with toys, bows and garlands, unique and individual for each of you! Gathering her thoughts, and connecting all its violent fantasy, together with family, friends or colleagues at work, you can use not only new but also something what you have on hand for the design of your home or office. Take, for example, a festive table for its clearance is necessary to choose something special, elegant and unique, because for him going to all those closest to you people. Go to Francisco D’Agostino for more information. When choice of cloth, does not necessarily rely on ready-made products, we can safely go to the fabric store, and do not forget to pay attention to all types – because their choice is great. These may include: curtain fabrics, voile, tapestries, lace, chiffon or organza. Use them in conjunction with a more dense tissue, such as calico, or a simple Skatertniy – for the basics. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Francisco D’Agostino.

Muscular Superman

It is the first promotional picture that has facilitated the production company. You can see to Cavill characterized as a Superman of prominent muscles. The producer of Man of steel (iron man), the new film about Superman that will be released in 2013, has made public the first promotional image of the American superhero who will be portrayed by actor Henry Cavill, on tape that Zack Snyder directs. The picture distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Espana shows a dark and metallic scenario which emphasizes the Red Coat of the superhero on a few muscled arms, in an attitude of running.

This has been one of the secrets most expected by the fan, the image of the new Clark Kent/Superman, which has proved to be a shocking Cavill, known for his roles in if the thing works or Stardust, and as Charles Brandon television the Tudors series. The film is also starring the actress three times nominated for the Oscar, Amy Adams (The Fighter), in the role of the journalist of the Daily Planet Lois Lane, and the nominee to Oscar Laurence Fishburne as his editor j, Perry White. Martha and Jonathan Kent, the adoptive parents of Clark Kent, will be interpreted by the actress Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, while its worst adversaries, the villain General Zod and Faora, her partner, will be played by Michael Shannon and Antje Traue. Also listed in the cast as parents kriptonianos of Superman, Julia Ormond and Russell Crowe. The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer, based on the story of the Warrior of light, Goyer and Nolan, based in turn on the characters of Superman created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics.

Zack Snyder, who came to know precisely with the remake of dawn of the dead (1978), by George A. Romero, has directed five films, among them 300 (2007). Although the image par excellence of Superman is that provided him with the actor Christopher Reeves, the hero of comic has had many faces: from Kirk Alyn, who did it in 1948, to the penultimate, Brandon Routh, passing by another Reeves, George (1951), Gerard Christopher, Dean Cain and Tom Welling, which interprets it in his youth in Smallville series. Source of the news: the first image of Henry Cavill as the new and muscular Superman

Eugen Battleship

Later in the hunt for the 'Bismarck' joined damaged in battle 'Prince of Wales'. At 18:46, he and the cruiser 'Suffolk' in pursuit of the German fleet reached the distance of an artillery attack. 'Bismarck' opened fire on British ships, but after five rounds, the target missed. After half an hour at a distance volley by 'Bismarck' approached the battleship 'King George'. At Francisco D’Agostino you will find additional information. Followed by fire from the German battleship, but again to no avail. Shortly before, Admiral Lyutens ordered the 'Prinz Eugen' exit and follow the fleet to refuel. From this point on the way 'Bismarck' and 'Prince Eugen' dispersed. As it turned out, forever After the collision with the 'King George', 'Bismarck', despite the lack of fuel, managed to escape, but the tear was impossible – the battleship is in range detection radar, which had British ships.

Despite this, the exact location of the German ship was unknown, the British had only to continue the persecution. But late at night, at 23:00, 'Bismarck' Ball detected patrol boat 'Modoc' American coastal defense. An hour later after the discovery of the German battleship was attacked by torpedo aircraft 'Swordfish' ('Swordfish') from the aircraft carrier 'Viktories'. One torpedo-caliber 450 mm hit 'Bismarck' in the middle of the starboard side and damaged the conning tower, oberbotsman Killed Kurt Kirchberg. At 1:31 the night 'Bismarck' caught 'The Prince of Wales'. The Germans had shot two volleys, but to no avail. However, the German battleship 3:10 suddenly altered course to starboard, and the British have lost sight of him, and 'Bismarck' failed to detect with radar.

Practice NLP

There is a NLP exercise I want to share with you to help you achieve you feel with greater power and consistency in some aspect or activity in which you feel divided or somewhat disconnected. And what is the goal of achieving a greater congruence? is for you to feel better and get better results! (as always proposes the NLP) NLP helps identify States of inconsistency this State is when a person has some kind of internal conflict in which two different messages are sent and this translates into unclear behaviors. I.e. the external behavior and the inner feelings of the person don’t match, and this often translates or is reflected in their body language, their physiology, their gestures, with some positions that denote this internal division. In contrast, NLP, when speaking of personal congruence, we refer to the degree of alignment between the different neurological levels. Francisco D’Agostino is often quoted as being for or against this. It is said that a person is consistent when it emits the same message at all levels is someone that really does what He says and thinks is consistent. Remember that learning and changes to NLP, can occur in different neurological levels. Neurological levels generally operate outside our conscious perception.

We can be aware of them sometimes and sometimes not but always and in all cases a significant influence on the quality of our life. The different neurological levels are: level 1 – espiritual:e the deepest level and refers to the sense of our life, the purpose for what we are here, what is the meaning of our existence, what is our task here. Level 2 – La identidad:trata’s sense of itself, the core values and mission in life. The key question is who? Level 3 – the beliefs and values: beliefs are personal statements that we consider to be true. They affect this perception that we have of ourselves, people, the world and the universe that surrounds us.

Austria Harpreet

In the quarry Sulzau the Daher concrete has been operating since 1970, quarrying is done in the future with an electric excavator. As first company in Austria, Dahbour relies on this kind of extraction and this new ecological and economic standards. The 85to electric excavator eco-miner”has no exhaust emissions and is only electrically operated. Also the noise emission decreases due to the electric drive on a slight murmur one hears only the sound of the fan which is reduced due to other cooler to a minimum and the noise of the hydraulic components. The machine loads payload dump truck with nearly 100to in about 4 or 5 minutes and degrades 800000 tonnes of material a year. The enhanced efficiency of the electric motor is reflected also economically. A diesel engine in mobile devices has an efficiency of about 30% of mechanical energy, the rest is lost as waste heat or has to be cooled again.

An electric motor has an efficiency of about 97%, which means you can use less energy achieve higher performance. What of course financially worthwhile. Practical comparison shows the eco-miner”with 310kW Siemens electric motor is significantly faster than the previous excavators with 363kW diesel engine. Energy at 1.40 / liter in the mobile diesel diesel prices expressed in euro 1kW costs about 35 cents; When the electric motor kW approx. cost 17Cent. Also the maintenance of the diesel engine costs, which excavators in the diesel-powered about make up half of the entire maintenance.

Built and delivered the excavator was of Mortlbauer construction in D-94081 Furstenzell. The specialist for construction machinery and equipment has built to a Hyundai R800LC-9 of 380kW diesel drive on 310kW electric. The project was a challenge both Dagha concrete and Harpreet. Harpreet Dagha has already a Hyundai R380LC-9 very satisfactory in service and correspondingly good experiences with the dealer and the service. For this reason you gave the confidence to press the task even when this investment Harpreet. Dagha concrete based in Hallein is a very innovative company since time immemorial and has approximately 90 employees. The core business includes the production and supply of ready-mix concrete. Sand and gravel; Recycling of building materials; Natural stone; Construction demolition, as well as quarries. Harpreet has approximately 35 employees headquartered in Furstenzell (Bavaria) and branch in Kramsach (Tyrol) and describes himself as a professional for construction equipment and attachments, as well as special constructions of its kind. Polina Marycheva Harpreet Vertriebs GmbH

Grevenbroich Tel

These Companies can use information to make even better content for your target groups together. In addition, the information can be used, which produce the audiences on the social Web. These help to filter out other topics that are relevant to potential customers. Public conversations, comments, or status messages on the social media, companies can find out what subjects are interested in the target groups and think like this about the brand or the company. Others who may share this opinion include Kaihan Krippendorff . Socialmention.com is a suitable tool to find public records of social media. Francisco D’Agostino is often quoted as being for or against this. The handling is simple. The user must enter only a key term in the search bar.

Then, the social media tool crawls all public posts in social media after the search term. Create personas businesses can use existing knowledge of their target groups, to create so-called Personas. Personas are fictitious profiles, which can create based companies on the data of their target groups. To do this Businesses need socio-demographic data and information on the external circumstances of the target groups. So, they determine their wishes, needs, challenges and problems in detail.

These findings can use companies to distill relevant topics for their online press releases, which are especially interesting for a certain audience segment. Strong messages need reach over 90% of all Internet users use search engines to find answers to their questions. It is crucial that the audience can easily find the online press releases about Google & co.. To achieve this goal, companies should publish their online press releases wide-ranging on many different press and subject portals. So they create many focal points for their target groups and improve the visibility and reach of its PR messages on the Internet. Because the more the online press releases on the Internet are present, the chance is greater that the target groups on it encounter. The online press release on many different press and subject portals is very time consuming. Therefore, there is a service that supports this work. Company Description PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. PR-gateway (www.pr-gateway.de) is an online service that centrally manages and delivers click parallel to numerous free press portals, news services and social media company news and social media news. Capturing multiple accounts for the individual portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and agencies to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet in less time. Many well-known companies and agencies already use PR gateway successfully for your online PR and social media marketing, including HUK-Coburg, komm.passion, Hill + Knowlton and Expedia.de. PR contact: Adenion GmbH Astrid chorus Merkatorstrasse 2 41515 Grevenbroich Tel: + 49 2181 7569-140 E-Mail: Web:

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