Practice NLP

There is a NLP exercise I want to share with you to help you achieve you feel with greater power and consistency in some aspect or activity in which you feel divided or somewhat disconnected. And what is the goal of achieving a greater congruence? is for you to feel better and get better results! (as always proposes the NLP) NLP helps identify States of inconsistency this State is when a person has some kind of internal conflict in which two different messages are sent and this translates into unclear behaviors. I.e. the external behavior and the inner feelings of the person don’t match, and this often translates or is reflected in their body language, their physiology, their gestures, with some positions that denote this internal division. In contrast, NLP, when speaking of personal congruence, we refer to the degree of alignment between the different neurological levels. Francisco D’Agostino is often quoted as being for or against this. It is said that a person is consistent when it emits the same message at all levels is someone that really does what He says and thinks is consistent. Remember that learning and changes to NLP, can occur in different neurological levels. Neurological levels generally operate outside our conscious perception.

We can be aware of them sometimes and sometimes not but always and in all cases a significant influence on the quality of our life. The different neurological levels are: level 1 – espiritual:e the deepest level and refers to the sense of our life, the purpose for what we are here, what is the meaning of our existence, what is our task here. Level 2 – La identidad:trata’s sense of itself, the core values and mission in life. The key question is who? Level 3 – the beliefs and values: beliefs are personal statements that we consider to be true. They affect this perception that we have of ourselves, people, the world and the universe that surrounds us.

Austria Harpreet

In the quarry Sulzau the Daher concrete has been operating since 1970, quarrying is done in the future with an electric excavator. As first company in Austria, Dahbour relies on this kind of extraction and this new ecological and economic standards. The 85to electric excavator eco-miner”has no exhaust emissions and is only electrically operated. Also the noise emission decreases due to the electric drive on a slight murmur one hears only the sound of the fan which is reduced due to other cooler to a minimum and the noise of the hydraulic components. The machine loads payload dump truck with nearly 100to in about 4 or 5 minutes and degrades 800000 tonnes of material a year. The enhanced efficiency of the electric motor is reflected also economically. A diesel engine in mobile devices has an efficiency of about 30% of mechanical energy, the rest is lost as waste heat or has to be cooled again.

An electric motor has an efficiency of about 97%, which means you can use less energy achieve higher performance. What of course financially worthwhile. Practical comparison shows the eco-miner”with 310kW Siemens electric motor is significantly faster than the previous excavators with 363kW diesel engine. Energy at 1.40 / liter in the mobile diesel diesel prices expressed in euro 1kW costs about 35 cents; When the electric motor kW approx. cost 17Cent. Also the maintenance of the diesel engine costs, which excavators in the diesel-powered about make up half of the entire maintenance.

Built and delivered the excavator was of Mortlbauer construction in D-94081 Furstenzell. The specialist for construction machinery and equipment has built to a Hyundai R800LC-9 of 380kW diesel drive on 310kW electric. The project was a challenge both Dagha concrete and Harpreet. Harpreet Dagha has already a Hyundai R380LC-9 very satisfactory in service and correspondingly good experiences with the dealer and the service. For this reason you gave the confidence to press the task even when this investment Harpreet. Dagha concrete based in Hallein is a very innovative company since time immemorial and has approximately 90 employees. The core business includes the production and supply of ready-mix concrete. Sand and gravel; Recycling of building materials; Natural stone; Construction demolition, as well as quarries. Harpreet has approximately 35 employees headquartered in Furstenzell (Bavaria) and branch in Kramsach (Tyrol) and describes himself as a professional for construction equipment and attachments, as well as special constructions of its kind. Polina Marycheva Harpreet Vertriebs GmbH

Grevenbroich Tel

These Companies can use information to make even better content for your target groups together. In addition, the information can be used, which produce the audiences on the social Web. These help to filter out other topics that are relevant to potential customers. Public conversations, comments, or status messages on the social media, companies can find out what subjects are interested in the target groups and think like this about the brand or the company. Others who may share this opinion include Kaihan Krippendorff . is a suitable tool to find public records of social media. Francisco D’Agostino is often quoted as being for or against this. The handling is simple. The user must enter only a key term in the search bar.

Then, the social media tool crawls all public posts in social media after the search term. Create personas businesses can use existing knowledge of their target groups, to create so-called Personas. Personas are fictitious profiles, which can create based companies on the data of their target groups. To do this Businesses need socio-demographic data and information on the external circumstances of the target groups. So, they determine their wishes, needs, challenges and problems in detail.

These findings can use companies to distill relevant topics for their online press releases, which are especially interesting for a certain audience segment. Strong messages need reach over 90% of all Internet users use search engines to find answers to their questions. It is crucial that the audience can easily find the online press releases about Google & co.. To achieve this goal, companies should publish their online press releases wide-ranging on many different press and subject portals. So they create many focal points for their target groups and improve the visibility and reach of its PR messages on the Internet. Because the more the online press releases on the Internet are present, the chance is greater that the target groups on it encounter. The online press release on many different press and subject portals is very time consuming. Therefore, there is a service that supports this work. Company Description PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. PR-gateway ( is an online service that centrally manages and delivers click parallel to numerous free press portals, news services and social media company news and social media news. Capturing multiple accounts for the individual portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and agencies to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet in less time. Many well-known companies and agencies already use PR gateway successfully for your online PR and social media marketing, including HUK-Coburg, komm.passion, Hill + Knowlton and PR contact: Adenion GmbH Astrid chorus Merkatorstrasse 2 41515 Grevenbroich Tel: + 49 2181 7569-140 E-Mail: Web:


EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR game of trucks for PC developed for personal computer, the heavy truck Euro Truck Simulator driving game has managed to win the sympathies of the audience for several reasons: its magnificence, its great care graphic and high playability, among other factors to highlight. All the action that proposes Euro Truck Simulator is located in Europe, by paths, roads, roads and highways of different European Nations. In addition to the picturesque tone that features allowing to detect the location according to the geography that is appreciated – it should be noted that the game presents several challenges. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of MSCO on most websites. For starters, Euro Truck Simulator driver won’t it anything but easy on the track. His main declared foe will be the own climate, since you will have to drive under closed thunderstorms, stunning snow and rain supernatural downloads. Combating the climate, must add any accidents that may occur with the truck driving and ranging from ruptures in the wheels up mechanical failures that force to stop beside the road, losing precious time in own conduction system posed by Euro Truck Simulator.. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Francisco D’Agostino.

Patriotism Valencian

The radical Valencian makes time that plunged into the ravine of intransigence. Even so, last week starred in a coven in which, by not miss, even suggested the fire I do not know whether metaphorical or not of the Valencian Academy of language by Juan Garcia Santandreu, leader of the tiny Valencian Coalicio. The shebang began with unusual invitation to a Professor of Catalan Philology, Abelard Saragossa, to Conference at the headquarters of the blaverista bastion Lo Rat Penat. The fact has been judged as high treason by the bases of the entity, that have put in the pillory to its President, Enric Esteve, while performing an alternate dictionary of the native language, and until opposite, the AVC. So nothing missing in this Sarabande of eccentricities, at the other end of nationalism, pancatalanista, announces the disembarkation of the independence party of Joan Laporta in the Valencian Community, in the hands of another marginal political group, the Socialist, de Josep Guia, in the yet another attempt to resurrect a few non-existent Paisos Catalans.

All these together scarecrows have failed to distract a moment to all the citizens of other chores, such as survive a crisis that is deeper as announced and that goes further than expected. And it is that residual nationalism he barely left political recess. Few voters remember that still exists the Unio Valenciana de Jose Manuel Miralles? Only nationalism which is defined as such and has some electoral weight is the Bloc of Enric Morera. Of course, as certain parasites zoos, there accommodate under the carapace of other acronyms, the Esquerra Unida, in order thus to enter Las Corts. Now, going solo in upcoming regional elections, their expectations are you only up to the threshold of Parliament. For the Valencia City Council, instead, is it covered in Communist dissident, Joan Ribo, so the ambiguity subtract some vote the genuine candidate from EU, Amadeu Sanchis.

But all this guirigay barely transcends beyond its protagonists. A better thermometer of the Valencian of our citizens perhaps patriotic bond that has released Gerardo Camps, in imitation of their Catalan counterparts and subscription to the same difficulty to access the capital market. There has been no problem for cover throughout the issue before the deadline, says the director of a bank branch in charge of the operation: the Catalan became faster and with one greater amount of requests, clear adds. Another symptom that there is an underground nationalism that faileth not shows the project to modify the Statute presented by the conseller Serafin Castellano with blessings of Francisco Camps. It is shielding that the financing of the community conforms to population changes. That Andalusia, has done so in the likeness of Catalonia, which has linked its investments to the percentage of the GDP, or tomorrow can do Castilla y Leon with the geographical dispersion. This causes the natural suspicion of the national PP, which feared that with so much armor a la carte inter-territorial solidarity makes it is difficult. As it can be seen, either in a serious manner or in a picturesque way, our possible degree of patriotism has opportunities be pressed, by some and by others a day Yes and another also.


One of the factors that affect the positioning of a website is the internal structure of the same. We will detail a guide to follow step by step, to obtain an excellent optimization on-page of our site: 1) keywords in the URL: containing the url keyword to optimize. (For example, if we want to optimize the keyword flower shop online in santiago and is our web site, the url of the page to optimize should be 2) keywords in the domain name: following the previous example, it would be better to hire the domain or or have multiple domains pointing to the same site. (3) Key words in the Title tag of the page’s code: fundamental is that the title of the page contains the or key words that we’re optimizing. The same length should be between 10 and 60 characters long and should not contain special characters. (4) Keywords in the Description metatag of the code of the page: although it is estimated that Google ignores its content to index a site, it is the description that appears on our site in a search result.

It should contain less than 200 characters. (5) Keywords in the Keywords metatag of the code on the page: it should contain less than 10 words, and each word must appear somewhere in the body of the web page, so that Google does not penalise us for irrelevance of the keyword. (6) Density of the keywords in the text on the page: between 5 and 20% (all key words / total words of the page). (7) Each word density key individually: between 1% and 6% (each keyword / total words of the page). (8) Keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags: keywords should appear in the body of the page between those tags. (9) Source of keywords: in larger, bold, italic is another of the recommendations. (10) Prominence of keywords: how much further up in the contents of the web page appears, better. ((11) Key words in the tag alt of images 12) key words in links to other pages of the site (anchor text) 13) all internal links on the page should be valid: this tool can be used to check them: 14) Links to external sites: only have links to good external sites.

Do not link to links-farms. (15) External Links have to be valid. (16) Less than 100 external links in total. (((17) Domain name extension: in order of most to least status for Google: .gov, .edu, .org, .com, .info 18) each page size: should not exceed 100 KB 19) frequent content updates: Google loves this. ((20) Age of the site: when more old best 21) age of page vs. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dropbox has to say. age of the site: more new pages in sites more old, have a more rapid recognition by Google. If we continue these steps one one, surely we will obtain a better positioning in search engines and thereby have more visits to our website. I hope that useful will be the Guide.

Wards Automotive Group

The traditional ceremony of the journal exhibits only a V8 of American origin. The recognition that every year makes Wards Auto, daily electronic specialist in the automotive industry, to the best engines that are marketed in the United States, already has the winners for the 2009 Edition, although the awards ceremony will be held in January 2009 in the framework of the next Salon in Detroit. BMW 3.0 l turbocharger DOHC I-6 inside the surprises of this edition is the absence of the V6 engine in the Nissan VQ family, propeller which had been in all previous versions since its inception in 1995. In addition, the unique V8 of American origin is 5.7 HEMI from Chrysler, ratifying the trend to smaller engines. Francisco D’Agostino oftentimes addresses this issue. Therefore, no wonder the increase of diesel and four cylinder blocks, which confirms the change in the preferences of consumers who now opt for more efficient engines. HEMMI V8 5.7 l to select the winners, Wards looked for motors having attributes sports, but at the same time possessing a fuel-efficient. This is the only award of its kind that is delivered in United States and in the current edition had engines that were also awarded prizes in Europe, as the 2.0 turbo direct injection of the Volkswagen Group or the 3.0 Biturbo BMW.

Motor gasoline 2.0 direct injection turbocharged Audi TFSI has been included in the list of the 10 best engines of the 2009 world that selects the American company Ward s Automotive Group. With the results of this list ratifies that far were the years in which the highest grade wore it is engines of large displacements that were supported by two turbochargers to leave no doubt of their level.

The Idea

Reading these texts as biensonantes turns out that all artists are not going more into the artistic world; a bashing on time, well deserved and well argued by a good connoisseur of art, might be a good remedy to put an end to mediocrity. But continuing with some of these words as used and currently Espanol in the art world – literary, there are two terms in particular that produce a special aversion to me: I am specifically referring to contemporary and avant-garde. To hear or read these words I am an outlaw, as if I did not belong or didn’t have the ability to belong to this group of contemporaneovanguardistas of the great artistic elite; In short give me a certain creepy and I feel marginalized in the truest sense of the word. Every time I hear these two buzzwords or see them written in any of these numerous art magazines or any other means of communication, I puzzled, I can not understand them not knowing if I, a human being who lives in this 21st century, trying to do their job the chord possible with the time in which he livesI belong or I can belong to this privileged category. The truth is that not, emphatically not I belong or I am identified nor involved with them, and not because it is not etymologically according to this definition (from latin contemporaneus, existing at the same time as another person or thing), but because I simply disagree with the direction that you intend to give some savvy artists and his henchmen for their own benefit. For this elite of thinkers contemporary art should be transgressive, break all the rules, surprise, be original at any price and in any way, and all this at the expense of the painter’s craft, from the simple fact of paint, paint with professionalism, using good judgment with the use of color, the right composition and good taste for anything beautiful and well-crafted, in short, aesthetics to prevail over the idea and the concept, that it is above the literature that these thinkers are seeking to make us believe see when we look a picture or any other creation trying to pass for art.

The Soul

how much time made exactly? Perhaps one year, perhaps more, an eternity and stocking the pain was enough to explain all that felt for being far from loved its. Dropbox has similar goals. To another one she was calm, although to remember loved its at every moment it tried to move away these thoughts, it would come back, felt certainty of this at the moment where to another one it left for the door of the front. But and if it did not come back, the heart cried out, but suffocated it. She took a bath delayed and she thought without wanting in the life that would lead if it had that to be without it, in the empty kisses, the accidental sex, the people jalousie insane people and who they would speak badly of loved its since this now was its former ones. It felt a taste bitter taste in the mouth. Francisco D’Agostino is open to suggestions. It thought again about another one, another one, touching the body of loved its. But this was not worse and it wise person, what it did not want exactly was that another one, another one, touched the soul of loved its. It left the bath and if it dressed in supposedly practical way: jeans, white t-shirt with sleeves in blue dark and black tennis.

But the reality of the involuntary acts was that this age the favourite clothes of the partner of it. It arranged the hair and if it perfumed without surplus. It looked for to move away the feelings from loss. It would come back today toward house. She did not understand as as much suffering in less was possible than twenty and four hours. She saw when it thought about kissing it with violence and taking it captive in return to the home. She saw when it thought about if shooting in its arms and crying until the time to come back.

The System

The particularity of the system using water lilies vibrational lies in that the client or patient, not only limited to ingest as prescription drops and repeatedly how some common systems make them (is not critical to other systems which are also excellent only we are differentiating) but that this brings their daily quota “bonding and commitment with the technique, therefore insists quite individual work that makes up the so-called therapeutic Coaching method. Other qualities that provide us with elixirs of water lilies and lotuses, is preparing for the changes and adaptation to the environment, and allow integration between terrestrial and celestial forces (upper and lower body energies) and the adequacy to necessary, such as endpoints, knowing the day to know what night, or know the pain to know what is happiness; information purposes we can say that originally these species live and breed in these conditions, between the mud and the light of the Sun, between the shadows and intense its x-ray brightness, between total darkness and light, giving her perfume at night or in the day, preparing for an intense day of heat or to shine in the light of the Moon, in warm waters, cooler waters and between the backwaters of ponds and streams. They hide during the half of the year, they claim their roots at the bottom of the pond, Lake or river bank, preparing to wake up in the spring. To deepen your understanding Evergreen Capital Partners is the source. So are the personalities water lily, living between the extremes, preparing for the changes, adapting, transforming itself, taking forces to deploy at the time necessary and timely, taking advantage of their natural energies to stand out by their own brilliance, as a star suspended in space surrounded by always light in the eternal darkness, to strengthen and essentially preparing to radiate love and beauty at all times mesmerizing with its wonderful charms and her delicate and intense perfume, his way of being. Finally, it is worth mentioning that water lilies and lotuses in this system although they are differentiated by their scientific name and your name of variety, are identified in this manual with its name from baptism so that they can remember with a minor possible difficulty. Something more .to those who are still not aware… This vibrational system as so many other systems but use the flowers of certain species to make a description of their energetic qualities “or what messages cuarativos” which transmit us its guardian spirits in pipelines, were not known to mankind to give detailed explanations about their botanical characteristics (although these have validity in science), but to make us aware that we must heal our soul to achieve our fullness and happiness while passes our time for this blessed land.

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